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The first spark of the Arab Collector magazine was founded by two Egyptian immigrants to Australia, Mazen Mira and, Moheb Rizkalla in March 2016, the suggested name of the magazine was “Coins & Stamps“, and the initial logo and magazine cover were set, however, it got changed to the ArabCollector before the release of the first issue.

Three more members from Egypt joined the first team to form the first seed for the publishers and writers to this platform leading to the release of the first issue in May 2016, In the first year, the Arab Collector released 5 issues of the digital magazine in May, June, July, August & September following the 5th issue.

The magazine started to have less frequency in magazine issues, and the 6th issue was released in February 2017, This was followed by another pause period in the release process for nearly 18 months and, the 7th issue of the magazine was released in January 2019, during this duration the magazine was undergoing some restructure and seeking merging opportunities with other platforms to expand the scope.

Negotiations started in August 2016 with the Coin Index Facebook page, the page admin Dr. Tarek Albawab (Jordan – Amman) was requested to join the Arab Collector’s team and it was completed on October 2017, this had a strong impact on reviving the social media posting allowing more time to start developing the official website for the Arab Collector in February 2017 to start hosing the digital issues, to presume blogging and sourcing information at the wider internet community.

It also strengthen the idea that the magazine was created to serve the Arab world not only one country, followed by another merge with the Arabian Coins website which was completed in May 2017 by the joining of Mehdi Beseso (Jordanian immigrant to the USA) to the team and, to act as a reporter and representative for the magazine at the USA.

Dr. Tarek Al Bawab established a gallery in Amman – Jordan by the name of Coin & Stamp not only as a store but as a cultural centre that is pleased to receive your articles and ideas for publishing in the Arab Collector magazine, where any collector in Jordan can discuss his and her ideas or even express suggestions and his remarks directly, as well as getting support and guidance to facilitate participation in The Arab Collector.

The Arab Collector is aiming to collaborate with all Arab researchers to support the science specialty that is published through its pages, website, and other social media platforms.

طموح جامح

بثقت فكرة المقتنى العرب فى مارس 2016 وذلك لخلق بيئة علمية مناسبة للهواة من جميع انحاء الوطن العربى وذلك مع اتساع رقعة الهواة العرب فى خلال العقدين الاخرين ومع التطور السريع فى مواقع التواصل الاجتماعى والتى ادت دورا هاما فى نشر الهوايات اصبح تتبعها امر شبه مستحيل فصفحات التواصل الاجتماعى والمنتديات تعج بالاخبار المتناثرة كما انه بدأ انتشار معلومات غير صحيحة فى الهوايات

والمجلة بصورتها الالكترونية تعتبر مثالا على التحرر من القيود البيروقراطية فى الهواية فالمجلة لاتتبع اى جهة او دولة بعينها ولكن يقوم بالاشراف عليها مجموعة من الهواة العرب المتميزون والذين لهم باع طويل فى مختلف انحاء الهوايات ويقع المقر الرئيسى للمجلة باستراليا وعلى الرغم من ذلك فالمجلة لاتتلقى اى دعم من اى حكومات من اى دولة فلقد اخذنا على عاتقنا ان لا يرعى شؤن هذه المجلة سوى الهواة

هدفنا هو تكوين مكتبة عربية متخصصة فى عالم هوايات الاقتناء خصوصا هوايات اقتناء المسكوكات المعدنية والورقية والطوابع والميداليات ، مكتبة نفتخر بها امام العالم ونفتح افاق جديدة كى نكتشف تلك الهوايات الفريدة بشكل ممتع وجذاب ، وان نجمع تلك المعلومات القيمة المتناثرة فى جميع الاوساط الالكترونية فى عمل واحد يمكن الرجوع اليه فى اى وقت ونتحرى الدقة فى توثيق المعلومات ونخاول تدعيمها بالمراجع والاثباتات اللازمة كى تزداد المصداقية، تطمح المقتنى العربى التى تحويل انظار العالم الى عالمنا العربى الذى يذحر بالثقافات والتراث فى الهوايات وبهواة نعلم جميعاً أنهم على قدر كبير من العلم والمعلومات، والارتقاء بهويات الاقتناء عربيا بشكل ممنهج. لا نحتكر وجهه نظر ولا ننتمى لمدرسة ونحترم ونقدر كل من سبقونا بجهد نثمنه ونثنى عليه ونعرف لكل ذى قدر قدره ، والمجلة لا تقف عند هواية دون غيرها ولكنها لكافة الهوايات سعياً منا لتوحيد الجهود في عملاً واحد يتكاتف فيه الجميع من أجل النهوض بفكرة تنمية الهوايات لدى الجميع

Unbridled ambition

about us - the arab Collector

The idea of the Arab Collector appeared in March 2016 to create a suitable scientific environment for researchers from all over the Arab world in the science of numismatics, philately, paper money, medals, and, historical documentation.

As a reflection of the development of social networking, which played an important role in spreading science and hobbies, a significant increase in the number of Arab researchers and collectors in these fields occurred during the past two decades.

However social media pages & forums are packed with scattered news, and some incorrect information has started to spread across the web among the researchers.

The Arab Collector became a specialised platform with different aspects aims to support the collectibles science amongst scholars, researchers, and hobbyists.

The magazine was able to promote hobbies in the Arab region and in a short period was able to lay the foundations for participation with major international entities in the field of hobbies, including, for example, cooperation with residents from PCGS and NGC companies, in addition to its cooperation with the American Numismatics Association.


The magazine is not affiliated with any particular party or country, but it is supervised by a group of distinguished Arab researchers who have a long history in various parts of collecting hobbies.

The main headquarters of the magazine is located in Australia and, we have taken it upon ourselves that the affairs of this magazine are only sponsored by researchers and collectors.

A Facebook page was established in May 2016 for the launch of the new magazine. Development of the website started in February 2017 and it was launched later that year.

The Arab Collector Magazine was granted an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) from the ISSN National Centre for Australia at the National Library of Australia in 2020.

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