The Arab Collector publications

The Arab collector is proud to be the first magazine in the Arab world to publish free e-magazine non periodically in cooperation with other businesses & pages. it makes various publications that cover the largest number of different specialties in hobbies and our goal is always to spread the culture of acquisition hobbies to The next generations

Unbridled ambition

The idea of the Arab collector came to life in March 2016 to create a suitable environment for collectors & hobbyists from all over the Arab world, with the expansion of Arab collectors during the last two decades and with the rapid development of social networking, which played an important role in spreading hobbies, tracking them became almost impossible, so social media pages Forums are packed with scattered news, and incorrect information has started to spread in hobbies


In line with the values of the Arab collector to develop hobbies, the magazine is keen to conclude strategic partnerships at the national and international levels to provide professional services and information.